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About Us

The Laptopper is the brainchild of Joel & Mary Joel Chisler.


While they have envisioned or invented many different products over the years, "The Laptopper" stands to be their most exciting yet! In traveling all over the world they are no strangers to the needs of consumers.

They now offer "The Laptopper" as a simple tool to provide the comforts of a mobile desktop for any traveler or road warrior who may compute, eat or entertain while in the car.

The Creators

In fact you might enjoy knowing that Joel himself first thought of this idea while deciding that he could be more productive during his lunchtime at the local McBurger joint just eating in his car.

As an accomplished songwriter and children’s TV show entrepreneur, Joel often takes his lunch in the solitude of his car, listening to interesting talk shows on national subjects and/or taking notes.

He soon realized that with the growing number of commercial properties and public locales offering Wi-Fi, the world could use a "Mobile Desktop"

Enter: "The Laptopper"

He then sketched out the rough dimensions in his brain (because he did not have a desk in the car), called his wife, Mary Joel, and she made a prototype. Now, millions of people worldwide will be able to use this inexpensive tool as an office or desk away from home.

The best part is that you can now purchase your own Laptopper right here using a credit card, e-check or mail in payment option and get started using your Mobile Desktop today!

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